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Exploitation and use of quarry fines: compilation of a database of current international practice


The production of aggregates from crushed rock (or demolition materials) generates a proportion of fines as a normal consequence of variable responses of the rock material to the crushing process. World wide, therefore, a number of strategies have been developed to make use of fines, in accordance with the needs of local markets, regulation and legislation (including fiscal controls). There is an opportunity to promulgate best practice in dealing with fines, but this can only be done if information concerning their use is gathered together and ordered in an accessible way.

The purpose of this project is to take a market-led approach to assessing potential uses for fines generated by crushing (nationally several million tonnes per year). By identifying uses for fines and making that information readily available to the quarrying industry in an easily accessible database, new opportunities for quarry products will be identified. The project sets out to facilitate exploitation of fines where they currently represent an underused resource.

The implementation of the aggregate levy makes this proposal timely as its outcome will be to encourage more extensive and appropriate use of the products of crushing. Its novelty lies in the pulling together of disparate information that is known to exist, and to encourage the use of that information through appropriate electronic means.

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Mineral Solutions Ltd, British Geological Survey, Tarmac plc, Quarry Products Association

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