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MSL-K - Water Clean-Up Granules

Mineral Solutions does not just supply a consultancy service to its clients. We use our skills to develop mineral products, either for direct sale or in collaboration with clients.

Mineral Solutions is one of the industrial partners in a specialised project team working on the EU funded Link project 'Bioremediation of Acid Mine Drainage in Constructed Ecosystems' on the internationally renowned 'Wheal Jane' mine site in Cornwall, UK.


A stone meal containing a range of nutrients and particularly effective as a source of potash, MSL-K is suitable under IFOAM regulations for organic farmers and growers. Ideal for slow release of K in situations where the environment is sensitive to salts, MSL-K has no sulphate, nitrate or chloride and supplies K in response to the needs of growing plants.

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Water Clean-Up Granules

A successful development of a patented prototype mineral/biofilm based coating for removal of toxic metals from contaminated industrial and mine water sources. When applied to a neutral-buoyancy substrate the coating pulls contaminating metals out of waters, growing like a snowball through the accumulation of a biofilm. The coating can then be removed, recovering the substrate, to minimise waste volumes or to provide a solid for recovery of metals (including precious metals, platinum, palladium & gold). Through our understanding of the complex interactions of water, metals and mineral surfaces we are continuing development of effective mineral alternatives for low cost, low energy clean up of polluted water.

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