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Mission Statement

To link the academic excellence and innovation potential of mineral science based research communities at the Universities of Manchester and Newcastle with the needs of the petroleum, nuclear, mining and environmental business sectors.

Mineral Solutions Ltd :

  • promotes industrial access to cutting edge mineral science research communities.
  • provides time/cash saving mineral analysis for due diligence and plant design.
  • develops commercially viable mineral products specific to client/market needs.
  • provides consultancy services relating to mineral products, raw materials, soils, ores, rocks and mineral/fluid reactions.
  • has specialist knowledge of microbial processes in soil and geological environments.
  • is capable of addressing a wide range of environmental, operational and production problems that involve earth materials.
  • has a track record of growth underpinned by repeat business for multinational clients.
  • operated as a privately owned limited company from 1996 to 2006, and now undertakes consultancy activity through the Universities of Manchester and Newcastle

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